SQL Examiner Suite 2009 R3 release notes

October 19, 2009

This is the further improvement of SQL Examiner Suite 2009 and the last release before SQL Examiner Suite 2010.

This version, as well as SQL Examiner Suite 2009 R2, was available at no cost to all users of SQL Examiner Suite 2009. For more information about those versions, see SQL Examiner Suite 2009 R2 Release Notes and SQL Examiner Suite 2009 Release Notes.

Added support for SQL Azure

The new release of SQL Examiner Suite supports comparison and synchronization of both schema and data with SQL Azure - the cloud-based relational database service provided by Microsoft.

Improved schema comparison between different versions of SQL Server

Now when you compare databases running on different versions of MS SQL Server, SQL Examiner shows warning messages if some objects, object properties, etc. are not supported in an older version. This makes synchronization process more simple and error-free.

Bulk insert in SQL Data Examiner (for MS SQL Server)

SQL Data Examiner 2009 R3 gives the opportunity to significantly increase the speed of synchronization of large amounts of data by using the BULK INSERT while inserting and updating data in an SQL Server database. This feature was available for Oracle and now it is also available for MS SQL Server.

This makes data synchronization several times faster while adding data.

Schema (owner) mapping in SQL Examiner

Schema mapping was added to SQL Examiner.

  • Product:  SQL Examiner, SQL Data Examiner
  • Edition:  All
  • Version:  2009
  • Published:  2009-10-19
  • Last Updated:  2023-04-04

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