• How can I pay for my purchase?

    When filling in the order form, you may choose any of the following payment methods: credit card, wire transfer, phone, fax, mail/check/money order, purchase order or PayPal.

  • I want to pay by Wire Transfer - where can I find the bank information?

    When you fill out the order form, you need to choose "Wire Transfer" as the method of payment; after clicking the "Next" button, you will be taken to a page with detailed instructions, your order reference number and the bank details.

  • Is it secure to give my credit card details over the Internet?

    Yes, it is. We use industry standard encryption technology to protect your personal information such as your name, address and credit card details and whilst it is being transmitted over the Internet. In this way, your personal information passed between your computer and us cannot be read in the unlikely event of someone intercepting it.

  • I need Form W-9 for my accounting department, where can I get it?

    You can download a copy of W-9 here.

  • How can I get invoice for my order?

    After submitting your order, please send your request to: sales@sqlaccessories.com.

  • Do I have to pay VAT?

    Plimus, the ordering system that we use, is registered for VAT in the EU, and thus it is required to charge VAT from our EU consumers. Corporate customers who specify a valid VAT ID number in the ordering process do not pay any VAT. Otherwise it will be collected and paid to the authorities, you don’t need to do anything special for this to happen.

  • How is the software licensed?

    The software may be used as licensed either per seat or per developer. A registered copy may be used by more than one developer, but in this case it must be installed on a single computer. Otherwise, if a licensed copy is installed on more than one computer, the number of developers that use this copy may not exceed the number of licenses purchased.

  • What is Priority Support & Upgrade Protection?

    If this option is purchased with the order, you are entitled to receive all new versions of our tools for free. Besides, as a priority support customer, your questions receive priority attention over others in the queue. The Priority Support and Upgrade Protection option costs about 33% of the total cost of the product for one year of support.

  • Are your support services free?

    We offer unconditional, free technical support to registered users of current versions of the SQL Examiner product. Free technical support for out-of-date versions continues for six months after a newer version is released, or entire period of purchased priority support, whichever is longer.

  • What about updates – can I get updates for free as well?

    Yes, the updates/patches/bug fixes are free. However, they only may be applied to the most recent version of the SQL Examiner product (or previous version subject to the six month limit described above). If a reported problem has been fixed in a subsequent minor or maintenance release for the same major version of the program, you will be required to update your installation to acquire the fix. If a solution is available to your problem immediately, you will receive an email containing the information on how to solve the issue. If we can’t find a solution immediately, we will contact you as soon as a solution or work-around is made available.

  • Is technical support available by phone?

    No. You can use the support from on the web site or contact us directly at: support@sqlaccessories.com (the form comes immediately after you submit it). Unfortunately, we don’t normally consult by phone. The product is mostly used by developers and technical specialists, and when they come across any issues, we need detailed description to fix them. Besides, quite often it is necessary to discuss some details with our development team that also takes time. So it is more convenient (and fast) for both us and our customers to use e-mail.

  • How soon will I get response to my support inquiry?

    We respond to customers’ requests no later than within one business day. However, usually we send a response within several hours. And of course, the customers who chose the priority support option when purchasing the product get priority on their requests.


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