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SQL Examiner Suite 2023.3 has been released! See Release Notes for details.

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What We Offer

Complex solutions for data management and reporting. Software design and development. Maintenance, support and advice.

Software deployment

Deployment and configuring our tools as part of your project

Software Customization

Adding custom features to our tools that you need

SQL Server Administration

Creating support and backups strategy, troubleshooting, recovery data after crash and more

SQL Server Optimization

Finding bottlenecks, increasing application and SQL Server performance under high load

.NET Development

We can develop the entire project from scratch or join your team at a particular stage and leave the project when our services are no longer needed.

ETL Consulting

We help to migrate and consolidate data, develop complex data transformation scenarios

Data Mining Solutions

Data mining helps find hidden dependencies in data. We do business understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation

Reporting and BI Solutions

Developing complex Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions from scratch

What we do

We help our clients develop cutting-edge software addressing the most critical needs of their business. Onsite and remote requirements exploration and analysis, proper documentation, project planning, development, implementation and post-delivery support – we got it all covered.


Years experience

> 300

Completed projects


High-experienced Specialists

> 50

Individual Services

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SQL Examiner Suite

Covers all of your SQL comparison
and synchronization needs

SQL Data Examiner

Compares and synchronizes
database contents

SQL Examiner

Compares and synchronizes
database schemas