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SQL Examiner Suite 2023.3 has been released! See Release Notes for details.

SQL Cloud Backup

Keeps your SQL Server backups in the cloud

Take your backup
one step further!

Compress, encrypt and store your SQL Server backups on a local disk for free - complete with features for a typical small or mid-sized business.
Keep your SQL Server backups in the cloud, away from the local copy, to ensure maximum protection.


Reduce the size of your backups and save space on a local disk by using built-in backup compression. When used together with data deduplication, backup compression makes the stored files as small as possible.

Integrity check

Automatic integrity check is performed every time the backup process has been completed. This ensures that your backups contain no errors and can be used for restoring your database.


The built-in scheduler wizard allows you to specify what to back up and where to save backup files along with some other parameters. Then sit back and watch as the routine is done for you automatically.


Backup encryption is available starting at the free version of SQL Cloud Backup software. The encryption is mandatory when uploading a SQL Server backup to the cloud, thus ensuring maximum security and confidentiality of your data.


Data deduplication is done automatically on the backups created with SQL Cloud Backup software. This greatly speeds up the process of creating backups and then uploading them to the cloud.

Cloud integration

You can link the SQL Cloud Backup software to your online account for one-click backup uploads. This is an optional feature that provides added safety when used together with local backups.


Use an enterprise-level solution to create, compress, encrypt and save your SQL Server backups to a local disk. For free.


Save your time with step-by-step wizards that help you create and schedule your backups in no time. 'Set it and forget it' is the principle.


Back up to a local disk and upload to the cloud. If the local backups are lost, cloud copies are always safe and secure with us.

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