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SQL Examiner Suite 2023.3 has been released! See Release Notes for details.

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. (formerly TulaSoft LLC), founded in 2003, develops packaged and custom-tailored software that runs on the Microsoft platform. The company specializes in advanced solutions for DBAs and developers who operate SQL Servers. Our day-to-day goal is to develop tools that simplify and automate the data migration and synchronization processes.

Among the most recent projects of Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. is SQL Cloud Backup an enterprise-grade solution for backing up SQL Server databases. SQL Cloud Backup includes desktop software (free in its basic version) for local backup and an optional cloud service for uploading backups to a remote storage for added safety.

At Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. we believe in providing our customers with the most up-to-date tools. To achieve this, we continually test our products and offer innovations that will meet our customers future needs. For example, we were the first SQL-developer to provide a program that allowed customers to use a backup copy when comparing databases. As well our tool was featured with SQL Server 2005 support and went on the market a month before SQL Server 2005's release

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. has been named a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which confirms our high level of competence in software solutions. Our team of talented and creative specialists has also reached a high level of competence in software development, having been named Microsoft Certified Application Developers and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers.

It's very important for us to maintain close relationships with our customers. We provide them with high-quality support, including the most up-to-date versions, the most current bug fixes and features, and all the technical information they require. In return, clients send us their feedback, which we use to further improve our products.

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