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SQL Examiner Suite 2023.3 has been released! See Release Notes for details.

SQL Examiner Suite 2020
Compares and synchronizes both the database schema and its contents
Starting from $400
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Compare and Synchronize
MySQL Database Schemas

SQL Examiner 2018 introduces full support for MySQL database schemas. The new release of SQL Examiner enables seamless comparison and synchronization of database schemas created in any MySQL version from 4.0 to 5.7.

Compare and synchronize MySQL database schemas

Keep databases under version control

Perform cross-platform schema comparisons

Speed up schema update deployment

Cross-Platform Schema Comparison

SQL Examiner 2020 includes full support for databases created in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL, including their latest releases. You can seamlessly compare and synchronize database schemas between any of these DBMS platforms.

SQL Examiner and its accompanying product, SQL Data Examiner, are parts of SQL Examiner Suite 2020. These tools allow you to perform cross-platform comparison and synchronization of both schema and data, as well as do any other database comparison tasks.

Supported Object Types

SQL Examiner 2018 introduced the support for Oracle and MySQL database schemas. In addition to earlier releases some of the new features in MySQL 5.7 have been added: sectioned tables and indexes, spatial indexes, FULLTEXT indexes, increased accuracy of TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP types.

Also, it supports object types of the latest Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2017 and PostgreSQL 9.5.2.

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