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SQL Examiner Suite 2023.3 has been released! See Release Notes for details.

If you consider that SQL Examiner Suite fits your needs better than the competing product you have used before, there is a special discount offer to make your decision to switch over easier.

Upgrade to SQL Examiner Suite from a SQL comparison tool previously purchased from our competitors, and get a 30% discount!

  • Contact us at sales@sqlaccessories.com and let us know which tool you would like to purchase;
  • Prove the purchase of the competing tool – email your invoice as an attached PDF file or a screenshot of the About box;
  • Use the coupon code we will send you so that the discount can be applied to your order.

Upgrading also means that you receive all the advantages of being our customer, including free minor updates, major updates with a discount, and free extensive technical support.

Please, contact us at sales@sqlaccessories.com, if you have any questions.