SQL Examiner Suite 2016 release notes

Released: June 30, 2016

The new version, SQL Examiner Suite 2016, is a result of eight years of constant work and regular updates. This new release features support for some important features of the most recent SQL Server, Oracle Database and MySQL. It is the first version of SQL Examiner Suite that supports PostgreSQL. Also, high DPI screen support has been added.

SQL Examiner Suite 2016 consists of two programs:

  • SQL Examiner (referred to as “SE” later in this text)
  • SQL Data Examiner (referred to as “SDE” later in this text)

Full SQL Server 2016 support

Both SQL Examiner and SQL Data Examiner now support all new features of SQL Server 2016. SQL Examiner Suite 2016 has added support of the following features:

  • Temporal tables (SE, SDE)
  • Using SQL Server 2016 backup files as comparison source (SE, SDE)
  • Comparing and synchronizing Security Policies (SE)
  • Constraints on memory-optimized tables (SE)
  • Native JSON Support (SDE)

Full ORACLE 12c support

Both SQL Examiner 2016a and SQL Data Examiner 2016 have started supporting some of the new features specific to version 12c and earlier.

The following features of the new Oracle database are now supported:

  • Generated columns (SE, SDE)
  • Identity columns (SE, SDE)
  • Invisible columns and indexes (SE)
  • Bitmap indexes (SE)
  • Ability to compare REVERSE and PARALLEL indexes’ properties (SE)
  • Partitioned tables and indexes (SE)
  • DB CLUSTER object support (SE)
  • Extraction / comparison / synchronization of CLUSTER TABLE, INDEX ORGANIZED TABLE, EXTERNAL TABLE (SE)

Full MySQL 5.7 support

In addition to earlier releases, some new features have been added:

  • Sectioned tables and indexes added (SE)
  • Support for spatial indexes (SE)
  • Support for FULLTEXT indexes (SE)
  • Increased accuracy of TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP types (SE, SDE)

NEW! PostgreSQL 9.5.2

The SQL Examiner Suite 2016 release adds support for PostgreSQL 9.5.2 and all its features.


Work with comfort on any modern computer screen with higher screen resolution and DPI. See more and compare your databases more efficiently.

  • Product:  SQL Examiner, SQL Data Examiner
  • Edition:  All
  • Version:  2016
  • Published:  2016-06-29
  • Last Updated:  2021-11-16

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