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SQL Examiner 2012

 Current version:

Compares and synchronizes database schemas

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  • Compare and synchronize MSSQL database schemas
  • Keep your databases under version control
  • Speed up deployment of schema updates

SQL Schema Comparison Made Easy

SQL Examiner performs fully automated comparison and synchronization of database schemas in a variety of databases. All versions and editions of MS SQL Server are supported from version 7.0 to 2012, including SQL Azure Database. SQL Examiner fully supports all types of database objects, and correctly synchronizes between different versions of MS SQL.

Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Schema Comparison

New for SQL Examiner 2012 is the support of Oracle and MySQL databases, allowing automatic comparison and synchronization of database structures in these databases. Most basic MySQL and Oracle database objects are supported including tables, views, procedures, functions, and users.

Cross-Platform Comparison and Synchronization

Compare and synchronize MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle database schemas to each other. Use SQL Examiner to perform cross-platform schema comparison and synchronization between all supported DBMS servers. Compare a MS SQL Server database with an Oracle database, Oracle with MySQL, and so on. Although the capability is somewhat limited by the range of object types implemented in a similar way by the different DBMS platforms, you can count on fully automated synchronization of tables, columns and constraints without vendor-specific code.

Keeping Databases under Version Control

SQL Examiner simplifies database schema versioning, allowing you to save a database schema to a version control system. Storing a database schema in the source control system makes it easy to deploy, update and maintain databases with little or no manual work involved. SQL Examiner works with TFS, SourceSafe, SVN, and Perforce version control systems. Click here to learn more about putting your databases under version control with SQL Examiner.

Scheduled Automatic Database Maintenance

SQL Examiner makes database deployment and maintenance a hands-free operation. With a command-line tool supplied with SQL Examiner you can perform single-click database comparison, or schedule fully automatic comparison and synchronization of databases. Click here to learn more about scheduled syncronization. The command-line tool can perform all same tasks you can do in the GUI.

Flexible Comparison and Synchronization Options

You can customize the database schema comparison and synchronization according to your needs. SQL Examiner has a rich set options that allow you to configure any details of these operations. You can also perform partial synchronization.

Advanced Reporting

SQL Examiner offers HTML and plain-text reports, highlighting any changes the comparison has discovered. With advanced, easy to read reports, you can quickly review the differences between the two databases. Exporting of the reports to XML format allows using third-party tools to analyze the comparison results.

We Need Your Feedback

We need your feedback to make our products better. Dozens of features and hundreds of small fixes and improvements have found their way into SQL Examiner and SQL Data Examiner because of our customers’ comments. Your opinion counts. Please tell us what you think about our products, or contact us with any questions by emailing or by using the support form.

What our customers say I’m very happy with SQL Examiner, you can’t imagine how much time I’ve saved in my development efforts and specially when I do releases of the applications I’m developing for my customers. It can trim my release time to production from half a day to an hour or less.Ricardo Jasso, Entersoft I want to tell you that the SQL Examiner Suite is a great product. Very well done. I have run it through some challenging synchronization scenarios and it hasn’t let me down once.David Marine You and your team have developed a great tool and delivered until now a very high level quality of support.Michele Notari, IT Project Leader
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